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We are extremely proud of all our alumni and the wonderful contributions they are making in a wide variety of health professions and health-related fields.

Following graduation, Clemson University's Public Health Sciences alumni have achieved personal and professional success both through direct entry into the workforce and by pursuing professional and graduate degrees.

A B.S. in Health Science provides the foundation for a wide variety of health-related careers; for example many graduates find positions as a healthcare administrator, health educator, or wellness coordinator or in various medically related businesses (pharmaceuticals, software, equipment, etc.) immediately upon graduation.  Many others choose to pursue graduate or professional degrees.  A large number of our alumni are practicing or completing professional training in areas such as medicine (multiple specialties), dentistry, physical therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy, speech pathology, occupational therapy and other related fields.

Public Health Sciences Alumni Speak

Public Health Sciences Alumni speak about professional life after earning a B.S. degree in Health Science: