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Student Projects

What is Public Health? Student Video Projects (HLTH 202)

What is Public Health? Student Video Projects (HLTH 202)This site contains samples of student video projects from an "Introduction to Public Health" course. The purpose of this site is to provide public health students, as well as the general public, current creative examples of public health care in action from the perspective of students at the start of their undergraduate education in public health sciences. Ralph Welsh, HLTH 202 instructor.

Memory Health: Caring for Self, Caring for Others

Cheryl Dye, Ph.D., discusses how she has created a nexus between her work as a public health professor teaching a course in older adult health, mentoring undergraduate students in a multi-semester Creative Inquiry project, and conducting research in collaboration with a hospital memory health program to promote the cognitive health of those with dementia and their caregivers. Her five-session program for caregivers and their care recipients was originally offered in a clinical setting and has now spread to community-based settings like retirement communities and churches. Goals of the program are to provide cognitively and socially stimulating activities to those in early to middle-stage dementia and to provide stress management activities and social support activities to their caregivers. View the video.