Clemson Computing & Information Technology

Communities of Innovation

CCIT sponsors or helps support several faculty and student groups that focus on various aspects of technology use in teaching, learning, research, and service. Some of these groups are comprised of selected representatives from specific areas while others are open to all faculty, students, and staff. If you are interested in participating in or want more information about any of the Communities of Innovation, you may contact the following:

CI Implementation Committee:  Chris Peters or Jim Bottum
CoES Computing Advisory Team:  Mark Smotherman or Carla Rathbone
CU School of Computing and MUSC Collaboration Team:  Larry HodgesKen WeaverRoger Poston, or Barbara Weaver 
Education Technology Council:  Mary Beth Kurz, Deb Charles or Jim Piekutowski
Research/Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration:  Jill Gemmill
Teaching with Technology Community:  Barbara Weaver