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The Information Technology Center (ITC) is located in the Advanced Materials Research Park in Anderson, SC.  The ITC is the primary Data Center for Clemson University, housing the majority of Clemson’s centralized, research and production systems.

Through various partnerships, CCIT has implemented major renovations to the ITC. According to Jim Pepin, CCIT Chief Technology Officer, "to support a large scale computing cluster requires significant power and cooling. The work we are doing will enable Clemson to match and exceed our peers."

ITC Data CenterAmong these many improvements is the installation of dual UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) systems and a chilled water plant. By replacing the existing, 20-year old UPS system, CCIT is much better positioned to support the vast power requirements of our Academic and Administrative Systems, as well as our major High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems. We have installed two new UPS systems, increasing the ITC power capacity from 1MW to 2.5MW (2,500 kilowatts).  This will ensure CCIT has both the capacity for our immediate needs as well as planning for the future. Additionally, the installation of these separate UPS's provides full redundancy for our critical Academic/Administrative Systems, ensuring the recent power issues are a thing of the past.

The second major improvement is the installation of a chilled water plant at the ITC. This unit provides chilled water to run the Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) that cool the machine room and all of the equipment. The new chilled water plant will provides the large amount of cooling required to support the equipment currently in the machine room, as well as capacity to nearly triple the computing load within the facility.

These major initiatives have greatly improved CCIT's ability to preserve our production systems for the University. More importantly though, these projects havey enhanced Clemson’s efforts to reach the Top 20.

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