Data Center Usage Guidelines

  1. All devices are to be housed in floor enclosures or racks. Racks will be procured through the Operations Data Center Manager. For those systems requiring separate racks, please include the cost of racking in your financial plan as these costs are funded by the project.
  2. Monitors should be located, whenever possible, in the Operations Console Room. If not possible, arrangements will be necessary with the Data Center Manager or Hardware Architect for KVM connectivity.
  3. Location in the data center shall be requested of the Data Center Manager no later than when a device order is placed. Equipment without coordination will be racked as schedules and utilities allow
  4. Arrangements for delivery of equipment shall be made in coordination with the Data Center Manager (DCM). The DCM will determine how to receive the order and where to store the equipment prior to installation.
  5. Power for each device is to be requested of the Data Center Manager. This should be requested concurrent with guideline #3 above.
  6. It is the user's responsibility to work with the Data Center Manager to arrange for equipment to be located in the proper location in the data center.
  7. Disposal of all refuse (cardboard, Styrofoam, plastic, pallets, etc.) is the responsibility of the person or group installing the device. Please see that the refuse is removed from the data center daily. The Data Center Manager will facilitate removal of the identified refuse.
  8. All old equipment being removed will follow the same general guidelines; the Data Center Manager will facilitate removal of said equipment. Any system housed in the data center must be removed within ninety (90) days of the time it is taken out of production. Do not leave old equipment in the computer room.
  9. No supplies, boxes or unused equipment will be stored in or on top of server cabinets. Each unit housing equipment in the Data Center will be provided access to one, or more storage cabinets for storage.
  10. No combustible material should be left in the data center overnight. This includes cardboard, wood, plastic, etc. This excludes the use of wooden tables or shelves.
  11. The Data Center Manager will notify you of equipment arrival (unless otherwise arranged).
  12. People other than approved CCIT full-time staff are permitted in the data center only under the following circumstances:
    1. They are full-time staff working in the employ of vendors providing services to CCIT.
    2. They are full-time staff of Clemson University working on a system owned by a university department housed in the data center under terms specified in a Facilities Maintenance Agreement.
    3. They are being escorted by a full-time CCIT staff member as part of a tour of the facilities.
  13. Please reference specific CCIT Data Center Access guidelines for full description of access policies and procedures.


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