Information on CCIT-Provided Filespace

Information on CCIT-Provided File Space CCIT provides three types of file servers for on-campus use. User Data Servers (U: drive) provide student and employee Web space as well as space for personal and home directory data. Group Servers (H: drive) are for departmental space, and are setup on an as-needed basis. Collaborative Data Servers (MyCLE server) hold class and workgroup space. Each class section, department, and budget center has file space created automatically. Other workgroup space is created by request.

Users can access their files by using the Novell Client, MyCLE MyFiles, IUAdmin, an FTP utility, or WebDAV protocols. See the CCIT Help Desk or your local support person for information on how to use or install these tools.

The Novell Client is strongly encouraged for on-campus users. Local support providers can install the Client on department-owned computers. See the CCIT Licensing Page for details about Novell Client Licensing. Students can receive assistance installing the Novell Client from CCIT’s Help Desk, ResCom Help Desk or the Laptop Support Group.

Creating Web-Enabled Space

CCIT file space may be Web-enabled which allows that space to hold Web pages viewable from any Web browser. Each U: drive contains a Web-enabled directory named public.www which allows the student or employee to publish Web pages. The U: drive Web pages are accessible from the following address:<userid>

Group server directories can be Web-enabled by request through their local support, IT Support or Webmaster Services. MyCLE space is already Web-enabled at creation. There are Web services available with any Web-enabled data, group or collaborative space. Users may go to Webmaster Services ( for more information.

Storing Email on CCIT-Provided space

Employees should store email on their local hard drive and periodically backup that data to their U: drive. The user’s local support or IT Support can provide some common methods for this. Email attachments should be stored on the user’s local drive. This procedure is also encouraged for students with laptops.

Restoring files

Data, Group, and Collaborative servers are backed up daily, and restores from these daily backups are available for up to two weeks. Users must provide specific information in a timely manner in order for any restore to be successful. Exact location (server and path) and filenames are required. If users are not able to provide this, local support should be involved to determine this information. Because of the extreme difficulty in restoring files that have been missing for more than two weeks, restores beyond two weeks are discouraged. Past one month, only the monthly backups are maintained.

Restore requests must be made by the user or department owning the data. Users can request a file restore by completing the Restore Data Web form on the CCIT homepage, under the Online Forms section ( Clemson University reserves the right to remove or restore data based on the immediate needs and maintenance of the network.

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