There are five phases to the Identity Management project:


Phase 1: Data Reconciliation and Xid Assignment (or Person Load)
Target Rollout: July 9, 2012

Historically, identity data has been stored in SIS for students and in CUBS HR for employees so there can be data discrepancies for multi-role users between the two systems. For the past year system leads for SIS and CUBS HR have been working to clean up these discrepancies, to get one identity record and assign an Xid to each individual.  (This phase is now complete.)

Phase 2: Migrating Username Management from Mainframe to Vault
Target Rollout: October 13, 2012

This is purely a technical phase that centers around migrating CCIT support staff processes and tools used today in creating usernames to work from the new "identity vault" rather than the mainframe.  (This phase is now complete.)   

Phase 3: New Xid Becomes Campus-wide Identifier
Target Rollout: December 19, 2012

All Clemson students and employees will get a new TigerOne card this December. You can read more information about the re-card event from the TigerOne site. The new TigerOne cards will display a user's Xid rather than employee ID or student ID. All software systems related to TigerOne security access, card readers, financials, administration, etc. will need to be converted to use Xid when the new cards are activated in December.   All other campus IT systems using the student ID (or CUID) need to have the ID value converted to Xid based on when the system and/or data interface requires new 2012 student applicant information.  These students will not be included in any mainframe files or interfaces unless they take a special workshop prior to fall 2013.    (This phase is now complete.)

Phase 4: Username Consolidation
Target Rollout: August, 2013

Today Clemson supports a separate username for each individual based on their affiliation with the university. However, with the rollout of this phase only one username will be issued for each new campus user regardless of their university affiliation. For existing users no username will be deleted or inactivated in this phase. However, by working with Student and HR functional leads, a primary username will be chosen for each existing user based on their primary university affiliation. Real-time communication between participating campus IT systems will use this primary username from this point forward - today that includes Blackboard, Exchange, Google Apps, and Listserv. CUBS HR and Banner will join this list with the rollout of this phase. The process that automatically generates usernames today for new users will completely move off the mainframe.  Auto-generation may cease; username format and length may change based on university policy decisions.    (Work is underway for this phase.)

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