Fall 2009 Teaching with Technology Symposium Scheduled

By Barbara Weaver

Customer Relations and Learning Technologies and the Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation are pleased to invite all faculty to the Fall 2009 Teaching with Technology Symposium. The symposium provides an opportunity for faculty to present their innovative use of technology to enhance their teaching and their students' learning. Please join us for what will be an interesting and informative session.

EVENT:  Fall 2009 Teaching with Technology Symposium

PRESENTERS:  Juan Gilbert (School of Computing); Nancy Meehan (School of Nursing) and Roy Pargas (School of Computing), Bob Barcelona (Youth Development Leadership Program)

ABSTRACT:  Juan Gilbert will present his work in developing intelligent tutoring systems that incorporate culture and a game-like interface. He created the MISL (Multiple Instructor Single Learner) Model and will describe his work in this area as well as the impact it is having.

Nancy Meehan and Roy Pargas will present the progress of their creative inquiry team's development of a modified electronic medical record program modeled after a social networking system (Facebook). The intent of the creative inquiry is to develop a tool that eases the transition of nursing students from the academic environment to the clinical practice realm.

Bob Barcelona will discuss the use of wikis as platforms for collaborative learning, and will share his experiences developing a wiki-based project for use in an online graduate course in youth development leadership. His presentation will cover the project's objectives, the rationale for using a wiki, student successes, areas for improvement, and potential changes for the future.

Refreshments will be served courtesy of i>Clicker.

DATE/TIME/LOCATION:  Tuesday, December 15 *** 1:30-3:30 p.m. *** B03 Holtzendorff

TO REGISTER:  Go to http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/ and click on Instructor-Led Training Registration. After logging in, click on the event (same procedure to drop). Your enrollment will be confirmed automatically. Enrollment limit: 50

Barbara Weaver is Sr. Consultant for Faculty Relations and Innovation for Clemson Computing and Information Technology.
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