You are Invited to Visit a Class where Technology is Used

By Barbara Weaver

The Teaching with Technology Community (TwTC) members cordially invite you to visit their spring 2010 classes where they and their students are making use of technology in teaching and learning.

Since 2002 when the phased laptop mandate began, the TwTC has been meeting for an hour each week to share ideas and experiences using technology to enhance their teaching and their students' learning. The membership has grown over the years to more than 80 faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students, representing about 30 academic disciplines and several areas of CCIT.  While the group members always welcome visitors and new members, they understand that some faculty may want information about the possibilities of using technology to meet their pedagogical goals without having to be members of the Blackboard workgroup or attend the meetings. We also understand how much we have gained by observing one another's classes and sharing ideas. With all those things in mind, some members and their students graciously welcome visitors to observe their classes. 

When you go to the Teaching with Technology Community's website (, which will be accessible in November, you'll see a link to Visit a Class. From there, you'll see the various classes; who is teaching the class; the dates, times and location of the class; and the technology used in the class. It might be iClickers, tablet PCs,laptops, Adobe Connect, Second Life, pod/vodcasting, MessageGrid, and more. When you select a class to visit, you will receive an email to confirm your selection and the faculty member whose class you have selected will receive an email saying that you plan to attend his or her class on a specific date. If for some reason the schedule has changed and that date is no longer a good time for a visitor to observe teaching and learning with technology (maybe a test has been delayed a class period or an unexpected guest speaker is coming that day), the email provides an opportunity for you and the teaching faculty member to arrange another time. We hope these features of the web application make the signup and the experience better for you.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me at 

Barbara Weaver is Senior Consultant for Faculty Relations and Innovation for Clemson Computing and Information Technology.

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