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 Academic Software

Academic Software is software that is used specifically in Classroom Instruction or for other Academic purposes. These software products are either hosted or managed by CCIT for a variety of Clemson users, more

 Business Systems

These services support Administrative Departmental needs as well as provide baseline services for all employees. (Ex. CUBS - HR Services, CUBS - Financial Services), more

 Data Services

Data Services includes the archiving and reporting functions for Clemson IT Services. These systems collect and distribute data to specified business units. (Ex. Data Warehouse, Database Services, Reporting Services), more

 Faculty Services

Faculty Services are services specifically geared towards the faculty community., more

 Fee-Based IT Services

These are the IT Services that are available from Clemson which are based on fees & rates for specific services. These services are available to Clemson Faculty Members and Staff. (Ex. Service Level Agreements, Hosting Services, Storage Services), more

 Help & Support

These are the general IT support services for all Clemson users.(Ex. Help desk, self-help resources, Buyers Guide, solution guides, CCIT computing news and articles, Outage Notifications), more

 Networking Infrastructure

These services and products support Clemson’s internal and external networks as well as those networks used by Clemson affiliates. (Ex. Network Services, C-Light Fiber Network, Data Center Services), more

 Provided IT Services

These services are some of the Clemson IT basic functions and services that are provided for all Clemson users. (Ex. Security Software & Services, Messaging Services, File and Printing Services), more

 Student Services

Student Services are services designed to meet the IT needs of the Clemson student community. (Ex. Student Information System, Computer Labs., more

 Teaching & Learning Services

These services provide faculty and student support for Course and Classroom management needs. (Ex. Course Management, Video Conferencing, Training, Distance Education), more

 Telecommunication Services

The Telecommunications Office is a campus provider of goods and services related to telephone, data, video, and security communications, more

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