Ci Days Conference
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CI Days Conference

A two-day forum to explore innovative ways to integrate information technology into teaching, research and outreach programs.

Information technology, or Cyberinfrastructure (CI), has become a key enabler for teaching, distance education, scholarly research, collaboration and learning technologies. Faculty, students, researchers and IT professionals are becoming increasingly reliant on a mixture of communications hardware and software, networking, high-performance computing and storage, virtual organizations and experienced information technology support professionals.

However, CI is not just about the technology. All academic disciplines are now engaging new technologies and services to bridge gaps in understanding and enhance the collaborative relationships on campus and around the world. The CI Days Conference helped develop a greater understanding of cyberinfrastructure and build alliances among teaching faculty, researchers, academic and IT partners, national experts in cyberinfrastructure and providers of CI services.

Although the CI Days Conference is over, you can still see our agenda. You can learn more about how we went about planning our event and the lessons we learned by going to our CI Days at Clemson University Planning Guide.

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