Departmental Access System (SDB/IDMS)

The Departmental Access System (also known as SDB) provides selected faculty and staff, within a specific academic department, on-line access to the records of students with majors under the auspices of that department. Further, view-only access to section and professor information is available through this system. The requests are made via the Student Database Access Request form. Privacy issues prohibit access to this data unless approval is received from a department head, Dean, or associate Dean. The form contains a field to provide the email address of the appropriate person. They will recieve a copy of the request once the form is submitted, and will be instructed to forward their approval to Enterprise Applications Internal Support.

For those faculty and staff who are administrative on-line users (IDMSDC Administrative System), the Departmental Access System can be requested via the Administrative Username Request form.

Users who have submitted a request for access to either of these systems will be notified by email once the request has been processed.

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