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Determine Your Clemson User ID

New students and employees will find they need to know their Clemson UserID in order to log into various campus systems or conduct business at the University.  Often times with an overload of information at the beginning of a person's relationship with Clemson, the UserID slips through the cracks.  The easiest way to look up that UserID is to visit the Online Phone Book.  This allows a user to enter their first and last name and search for their record.  That record will include the person's Clemson UserID.

1.) Enter your first and last name. Click Begin Search.

Online Phone Book


2.) When the search completes, look through the list of matches for the record that matches your name, phone, and status (S=student, E=employee).  Your userid is the first part of your email address (everything before the @ symbol). Ex.

Online Phone Book

Visit the Online Phonebook (

If you have trouble looking up your Clemson user ID, please contact the Support Center at or (864) 656-3494.
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