Evolution 3.4.1+ setup for Exchange.

Exchange Settings for Evolution 3.4.1+

Evolution is a stable and versatile personal information manager for the GNOME project. Evolution allows you to keep your calendar, e-mail, address book and tasks in one place. Evolution has the ability to filter Junk/Spam Mail, add your favorite web calenders, and to keep your information safe and secure.

Important information you should know.

Only Evolution 3.4.1 "EWS" and Higher can connect to Clemson's Exchange servers. At time of this writing, no major distributions include this package. You will need to download and install these packages according to your distributions instructions.

Download and support information can be found on this projects website, located here: http://projects.gnome.org/evolution/download.shtml
Evolution Client Setup Step 1

Step 1: If you are currently using Evolution, Select Edit then Preferences.

If you are a new user, you will be presented with Step 3.


Evolution Client Setup Step 2

Step 2: Click Add.

Evolution Client Setup Step 3

Step 3: Click Continue.

Evolution Client Setup Step 4

Step 4: Fill in your Full Name
and your e-mail address (username@clemson.edu)
then Click Continue.

Evolution Client Setup Step 5

Step 5:Change the following

Server Type:
Exchange Web Services

Your Clemson Username

Host URL:



Note: If Exchange web Services is not an option, they you will need to install the correct packages to enable these functions. They can be found on the projects download page at: http://projects.gnome.org/evolution/download.shtml

Evolution Client Setup Step 6

Step 6: Use these settings and click Continue.

Note: DO NOT use the Cache offline address book setting at this time, it is bugged and does not work.

Evolution Client Setup Step 7

Step 7: Review your Settings, and Choose a name for this profile that is descriptive.

Evolution Client Setup Step 8

Step 8:Click Apply to Finish.


Due to Evolution being a open source project, Clemson cannot provide support for it's usage. If you are encountering errors, you should contact Evolution directly via their support forums or mailing list, or your OS distributions support forums.

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