Forward & Outlook 2011 for Mac Setup

Outlook 2011 for Mac Setup

This document is targeted at first time users of Exchange, Connecting to their Mailbox with Outlook 2011 for Mac OSx.

Create your Exchange mailbox, and enable Forwarding.

Important information you should know.

If you are a first time Exchange user, your initial checking of the "Use Exchange Server" checkbox will create your Exchange account, and Checking the "Deliver email to my Exchange mailbox" adds your name to the Global Address List (GAL).
Keep in mind this process is not instantaneous. Account creation will take about 10 minutes, and your name will be published to the GAL on the next scheduled update (every 4 hours).

Step 1:Using your preferred web browser, Open the following URL

Step 2:Login with your Clemson credentials when prompted.

Step 3: Check the top two boxes in the exchange section, "Use Exchange Server" and "Deliver e-mail to my Exchange Mailbox" only.

Recomended setting for Exchange users


Step 4:Proceed to "Outlook 2011 Setup for first time users." for Mac Os users. Additional client instructions can be found in the client setup documentation.


Outlook 2011 Setup for first time users.

Step1Img Step 1: Launch Outlook from you dock or the Applications folder on your Dock.

Step2Img Step2: Select “Add Account” from the Welcome screen, also select the checkbox “Make Outlook the Default application for e-mail, calendar, and contacts” if desired. (Recommended)

If you have previously opened outlook and the Welcome to Outlook for Mac dialog screen does not appear, you can force it to open by selecting: Help-> Welcome to Outlook from the Menu bar.

Step3Img Step3: Select the “Exchange Account” button from the Account Selection window.

This dialog can be opened at any time From the Outlook’s Menu bar by selecting: Tools->Accounts from the Menu bar.

Step4Img Step4: Input your Account info in the fields as shown.

  1. E-mail address: Your Clemson email address
  2. Method: Username and Password
  3. Username: campus\Username

    *Note* the domain prefix in your username is optional, but is suggested to help eliminate potential authentication issues in this process.

  4. Password: Your CU network password
  5. Click the “Add Account” Button


Step5Img Step5: Outlook will automatically find Exchange’s Autodiscover settings server. You will want to select the check box for “Always use my response for this server” to prevent further pop-up boxes. Then click the “Allow” Button.

Step6IMG Step6: You’re finished!

Notes: Populating your e-mail for the first time will take several minutes, depending on the speed of your Mac, the speed of your network connection, and the amount of mail you keep in your account.

Outlook 2011 for existing users

OL2011 EXT STEP1 Step 1: Launch Outlook from your dock or the Applications folder on your Dock.

OL2011 EXT STEP2Step 2: From the Menu Bar, select Tools, then Accounts...

OL2011 EXT Step3Step 3: Select the + and then Exchange.

OL2011 EXT Step4Step 4:Enter your personal information into this dialog.

OL2011 EXT Step5Step 5:Done!

Troubleshooting Common Setup Errors
BTIMG1Account cannot be added error: This error can be caused by a few things:

One, the most common reason is due to forwarding not being enabled properly. Exchange forwarding can be enabled via the Forwarding Options Control Panel.

Two, the username is not spelled correctly, or does not match what is in the Global address list.

Three, You are attempting to setup a newly provisioned account, and has not propagated to the GAL yet, please try again in 10 minutes.

Users not connected to the Campus network can also use the VPN service to connect to the Campus network. This should only be needed if they are experiencing issues. More info on VPN services can be found here.

This document is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible configurations or error messages. If you encounter a problem or error outside the scope of the document, please contact the helpdesk.

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