Forward & OWA 2007 Setup

Forward and OWA (

This document is targeted at first time users of Exchange, Connecting to their Mailbox using a Web Browser via

Create your Exchange mailbox, and enable Forwarding.

Important information you should know.

If you are a first time Exchange user, your initial checking of the "Use Exchange Server" checkbox will create your Exchange account, and checking the "Deliver email to my Exchange mailbox" adds your name to the Global Address List (GAL).
Keep in mind this process is not instantaneous. Account creation will take about 10 minutes, and your name will be published to the GAL on the next scheduled update (every 4 hours).

Step 1:Using your preferred web browser, Open the following URL

Step 2:Login with your Clemson credentials when prompted.

Recomended setting for Exchange users Step 3: Check the top two boxes in the exchange section, "Use Exchange Server" and "Deliver e-mail to my Exchange Mailbox" only.

Step 4:Proceed to "How To Login to Web Access." Additional client Setup instructions can be found in the client setup documentation.



How To Login to Outlook Web Access

Important information you should know.

Although it is not necessary, we recommend that you access the web client using Internet Explorer 6+ on windows to exploit its full capabilities.

Step1:Open your web browser of choice.

OWS REC Step1Step2:Type into the address field and hit enter.

Step 3:Type in your username and password and click Log On

OWA REC Step2Step 4:That's it! Your now logged in and ready to use your Email.

Troubleshooting Common Errors

500 ISE error500 - Internal server error. This error is related to not having an Exchange mailbox. This can be corrected by Enabling your Exchange forwarding (instructions at the top of this document)

404 FNF Error404 - File or directory not found. This error can be caused by disabled forwarding (see instructions at the top of this document) or a typo in the URL.

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