IMAP & POP3 settings for Exchange

IMAP Settings For Exchange
Summary: This page describes the necessary settings for IMAP and POP3 clients to connect to the Exchange server.

Important information you should know.

IMAP and POP3 Client Programs Provide Only Email, Not Calendar, Tasks, or Contacts

When you connect to an Exchange server using an IMAP or POP3 client program, you get only email functionality. You do not get access to the other features of Exchange: calendar, tasks, and contacts. The Exchange IMAP and POP3 service is minimal, and not all functions of the client program may perform as they would if you were connected via Exchange protocals (ex.EWS or MAPI)

IMAP and POP3 Settings

Use these settings to set up any IMAP or POP3 client software program to connect to the Exchange server.

When the client program asks you for: It is looking for: You Enter:
Email address Your "" email address
Incoming server Exchange server
SSL required on incoming server? Security level Yes, select SSL
Server Port Number Incoming Server port (IMAP or POP3) IMAP - 993 or POP3 - 995
Username or Account ID Your mail account Clemson Username
IMAP server directory or Account path prefix IMAP directory path Leave blank
Outgoing server or SMTP host SMTP server
SSL required on outgoing server? Security level Yes, select SSL
Server Port Number Outgoing Server port (SMTP) 465
Address server, host name LDAP server
Address server, BaseDN LDAP search root o=clemsonU


*When using Thunderbird (24.3.0) to set up an Exchange account, 'Authentication' defaults to 'KERBEROS'. This must be manually changed to 'NTLM'*

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