Thunderbird Client Setup for Exchange

Thunderbird Client installation instructions

 The following steps will guide you through a new install of Thunderbird or verifying if the current install is set-up correctly for the Clemson Exchange system.

 1. When you run Thunderbird for the first time you will need to create an account.  Start creating the new account by clicking on “email”



2. The next screen asks if you would like to create a new email.  Click “Skip this and use my existing email”.


3. The next screen will ask you for a display name, your email address and your password.  The option to remember may be left checked or you can uncheck it. If unchecked you will be required to enter you password each time you start Thunderbird.


Fill in the information you’re your account or the one you are creating and click “Continue”


4. On the next screen the client will try to automatically determine the correct settings.  DO NOT let the client try to auto-config. Click the “Manual config” button instead.


5. The “Manual config” screen will look like this.  The server settings will differ depending on whether your mailbox is on campus xmail or on Office 365 cloud servers. Fill in all the appropriate information for the mailbox you are setting up and adjust the server information to match the information shown below.  When finished click “Done” 

On-campus xmail:


Office 365:

O365 Settings

6. After clicking “done” you should be brought back to the initial screen.  Create a test message and send it to yourself to verify that everything is working correctly.

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