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Outlook Web App (OWA)

Outlook Web App is a browser-based email client accessible from the Internet. It allows you to check your email from computers that do not have an email client (such as Outlook or Entourage or Apple Mail) installed.

It works from most modern browsers (Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 3+, Chrome and Safari for example) on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. For non-supported browsers, OWA offers a light version that looks similar, but has fewer or missing features. You may also want to use the Light version if you have a slow internet connection.

-OWA Basic troubleshooting

Outlook Web App

Step1:Open your web browser of choice.

OWS REC Step1Step2:Type http://xmail.clemson.edu into the address field and hit enter.

Inbox: Type in your user name and password and click Sign in.

OWA INBOXInbox: Example of the standard Inbox view

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OWA New EmailNew Email: Example of New outgoing email

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OWA CalendarCalendar: Example of the standard Calendar view

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OWA New Calendar ItemNew Calendar item: Example of a new calendar item

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OWA GALGlobal Address List (GAL): Example of the GAL dialog

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Troubleshooting Common Errors

500 ISE error500 - Internal server error. This error is related to not having a exchange mailbox. This can be corrected by Enabling your Exchange forwarding.

404 FNF Error404 - File or directory not found. This error can be caused by disabled forwarding or a typo in the URL.

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