Google Apps for Education Transition - October 2011


Why Is This Happening?

Our Google Apps for Education (GAE) accounts contained a set of core applications -- Calendar, Docs, Sites, Talk and your Clemson Gmail account. Google is modifying its infrastructure so that it can offer access to a larger set of services and apps (See below). To get the Google Apps for Education accounts from the core set of services to the expanded set of services is requiring a major transition. Google engineers have set our transition to start on October 24, 2011.

What Will Happen on October 24th?

There will be no outage for the transition. Beginning on October 24, 2011, Clemson accounts will be "transitioned" in batches. The change will happen while you are logged out. If you are logged into when your account is selected to be transitioned, it won't happen until you log out. The next time you log in, you will be prompted to accept a new Google "Terms of Service."
Some of you will have get a guided process due to conflicting data. More about that below.

What Do I Need to Do?

If you use Offline Gmail, please sync your Gmail before the October 24th transition to prevent losing offline messages.
If you have critical and irreplaceable data in your Google Apps account, make back ups of your data. Options include copying files to your local drive on your laptop or workstation, copying data to your personal networked U: drive, burning copies to CD or DVD media, or using one of the many cloud storage services.

Conflicting Data / Guided Process

For most people, the transition should be simple. A small subset of Clemson's GAE accounts will have conflicting data issues. This conflict occurs if you used your account to access Google services that were not included with the original set of Google Apps for Education, such as Picasa or Blogger.
If you have conflicting data, the first time you log in after the transition, you will be presented with information to resolve the problem. Google recommends that you follow the prompts to correct the conflict.
Google Provides a short video with more details about "conflicted accounts".

Known or Potential Issues



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