Setting Up Your Google Apps for Education Email Account


Step 1 - Initial Account Setup

  1. Go to Log in with your Clemson username.  Your password will be "cu##xxxx", where "xxxx" is the last four digits of your Social Security number.  For example, if the last four digits of your Social Security number are 1234, you would use the following for your password: cu##1234 .


    Log in with userid and Google password

  1. Select your language of choice. Enter the security code as displayed. Then read and accept Google's terms of service.
  2. Log in with userid and Google password

  3. If prompted about being directed to a connection that is not secure, click Yes. You will now see the email client for Google Apps for Education.
  4. Email client for Google Apps for Education

Step 2 - Change Password

  1. Now you need to change your temporary password to a permanent, strong password that you can remember. In the Settings panel, click on the link to change password.
  2. In settings panel click on change password link

  3. Enter your current password and enter a new password twice. This page warns you if your password is too weak (i.e. easy for someone else to guess or a malicious program to crack). Weak password will display a small red gauge.
  4. Weak passwords display red

    Strong passwords will display a long green gauge.

    Strong passwords display green

    Once you have entered a strong password, click on the "Change Password" button.

You have now compled all critical steps to use your new "Google Apps for Education" account.