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Welcome to the Legacy Email Decommission Information Page.  Here you will find links to the frequently asked question and instructions for switching from the old mail.clemson.edu (also known as Clemson Web Mail or Squirrel Mai+l.

Why is the original mail.clemson.edu aka Clemson Web Mail service  being discontinued?  And why now in the middle of the semester?  Why not wait until summer?

We appreciate the problems of changing a critical service, such as email anytime.  We also know many people are gone during the summer or Christmas break.  After much discussion, we felt that we could reach and help the most people during the semester, We waited until after the initial start of the semester but did not wait until the end of the semester to ease as much of the burder as possible.  We are also are not retiring the service until the summer to make sure we leave ample time to help all the people that need assistance migrating.

If you need more assistance please send email to ithelp@clemson.edu

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