Legacy Email Decommission FAQ


Q:  After the system is decommissioned, what if someone sends an email to my ‘mail.clemson.edu’ email id?

A:  Any email that is sent to your @clemson.edu address will be forwarded to Exchange, Google Apps for Education or an alternative email address.  You can setup and choose the appropriate email settings at http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/email_forwarding/.

Q:  Who will be affected by this change?  

A:  Any user that currently uses http://webmail.clemson.edu or reads email via mail.clemson.edu using POP or IMAP services will be affected and need to move their email. This change will not affect users who ONLY use Exchange, Google Apps for Education or the email forwarding service. The largest group of users that will be affected use Exchange but also use the ‘mail.clemson.edu’ mail system.  Services that use mail.clemson.edu to only send messages and not read email (i.e., server notifications, etc.) will continue to operate.  See next question.


Q: We use mail.clemson.edu as a server since it allows SSL on port 465.  What should we use as a replacement?

A: No changes are required.  mail.clemson.edu will still be available for smtp authentication traffic.  smtp-out.clemson.edu remains available for server network.

Q. Will my copier, MFP or scanner continue to email documents?

A. Yes, there will be no change needed for these systems.

Q. Will I be able to POP or IMAP from my Exchange?

A. Yes.  Users who are currently using a POP3 or IMAP client (ex. Eudora) to check mail.clemson.edu can do the same with Exchange.  Please click here for setup information.  You must first enable Exchange email at http://www.clemson.edu/email_forwarding.

Q. How will this affect the mailing lists I have created for the departments?

A. Lists that forward to @lists.clemson.edu will not be affected.  If you interact with your listserv through http://webmail.clemson.edu or by using an account on mail.clemson.edu, you will need to switch to your updated mail account -- Clemson Exchange (recommended for employees) or Clemson's version of Gmail g.clemson.edu (recommended for students) or a different account of your choice.


Q.  Should I switch to Exchange or to g.clemson.edu (aka Clemson gmail)?

A.  In general, students should switch to g.clemson.edu.  Clemson partnered with Google to use Google Apps for Education.  Among other apps, it includes a Gmail account using the Clemson domain (g.clemson.edu).  This is the standard email setup for student accounts.  

Employees should contact their local computer support to assist with their decision.  In general, if you need access to shared resources and/or calendars, you will need to switch to Exchange.  If you are an instructor and do not need departmental shared resources, you may want to switch to g.clemson.edu for the ability to share your calendar with students.  Again, contact your local computer support group to assist with this decision.

Q. How do I know if I have a ‘mail.clemson.edu’ account and mail is still being sent to it?

A. You can go to http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/email_forwarding/. If the box next to ‘Deliver email to my Clemson mailbox (mail.clemson.edu).’ is checked, you are using the system that is being decommissioned.  Please be sure that another option, either Exchange, Google Apps for Education or an alternative forwarding address is selected.

Q. What is the best way to delete the emails in my ‘mail.clemson.edu’ mailbox?

A. You can accomplish this using one of two methods.  First, you can login into the mail system using http://webmail.clemson.edu and delete the appropriate messages. Optionally, for large amounts of email, you can send a message to ITHELP@CLEMSON.EDU and ask for the the messages to be deleted.

Q:  What if I’m not available to move my email during the scheduled time frame?

A:  The decommission will occur over the course of 5 months (January through May 2014).  Please contact the Help Desk (ITHELP@Clemson.edu) to indicate you need more time or additional assistance.   


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