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Connecting to the Campus Network

The first time a computer is connected to the Clemson network it will need to be registered in order to have full network access. For steps on how to register your computer, please click here.

Contact the CCIT Support Center at 656-3494 if you have problems registering.

Clemson C-Light Closes Cyber Gap in South Carolina

Clemson University has closed the cyber gap in South Carolina by joining the national high-speed research community through direct fiber connections between Clemson, Greenville, Atlanta and Charlotte, providing direct access to the National LambdaRail, Internet2 and other national and international research networks.

This new network, known as C-Light, was developed using private donations and gifted fiber with no burden to the taxpayers of South Carolina. This cooperative effort now provides Clemson researchers and faculty with leading-edge capabilities using direct fiber connectivity to high-capacity networks and resources that will enable research, academic and economic advancements and opportunities that were previously out of reach for Clemson and the Upstate.

Click here for more detailed information on Clemson C-Light.

CCIT Network Operations Center (NOC)

Located in the Information Technology Center, at the Clemson University Advanced Materials Center, CCIT’s Network Operations Center (NOC) uses cutting edge technology, equipment, and monitoring tools to proactively monitor the network infrastructure, not only for the campus network but for external networks as well.

Please click here for more information on the CCIT Network Operations Center. 

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