Clemson University Directory

Information obtained from the Clemson University directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to students, faculty, or staff. This directory is provided for information of the college community and those who have specific interest in reaching individual students or establishing their identity as students of Clemson University. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions, or other response from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone, or other means is forbidden.

To obtain a current University Directory information file, all faculty and staff personnel changes affecting telephone listings should be changed in the CUBS system. Only Budget Center personnel have access to make changes in the system.

At this time, Telecommunications are no longer printing directories.  To search the Clemson University Directory online, click here.

AT&T Directory

The local Clemson/Seneca directory may be obtained by sending a request to  There is no charge for this directory.

Directories for other cities should be requested in writing to CU Telecommunications:
E-mail There is an additional charge for any directory other than Clemson/Seneca, SC.

To search the AT&T Directory online, click here.

State of South Carolina

The State Government Telephone directory may be requested by email:  There is no charge for this directory.

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