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Standard Telephone Services

Telephone service for University departments is provided through CU Telecommunications. All requests for service should be submitted in writing and approved by the department chair. Questions may be referred to 656-7511 or by e-mail: TelecomServices-L@clemson.edu.

Toll-Free Calling to Upstate SC

There are no long distance toll charges for calls from campus phones to most of the telephones in upstate South Carolina. Toll-free calling to Upstate SC is available on all faculty, staff, and resident student telephones that are part of the campus phone system.

Click here for more information about Toll-free calling from campus telephones.

How to use your Administrative Phone

Administrative telephones are programmed with standard features and can be programmed with additional optional features which allow for optimum use of your telephone. Every telephone is programmed with a class of service ranging from campus restricted to full service. Class of service and features are determined by the department chair in your area.

All single-line telephones have a Tap or redial button which is automatically timed to give you a distinctive dial tone. To execute a particular feature, you must depress this button to receive the distinctive dial tone.

Click here for detailed instructions on telephone Features.

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