Mac or PC?

What kind of computer should I buy?


Mac or PC?

Clemson University works well for both Apple and Windows based computers.  Most colleges do not require one computer or the other but there are some majors that do.  CCIT has put together a list of the colleges and their preferences.  Here is a link to the recommended laptops by major.  

We usually recommend that Engineering majors consider a PC.  Macs can be used for Engineering but with the understanding that you will need to dual-boot the computer (put both Mac and Windows operating systems on the same computer)  in order to run certain programs that are PC only at this time.  File compatibility between the two systems is not usually an issue at Clemson.  Papers are often submitted in .docx or .pdf format which are both cross platform file formats.  If you need to put Windows on your Mac Clemson has made that very easy and it can be done during the orientation workshops or later on if it is not needed now.  

Several people ask us if Macs are immune to viruses.  Both PC's and Macs can get viruses.  It is true that there are many more viruses out there for PC's but that does not mean that Mac's cannot be infected.  Part of the download package during the laptop workshop is an anti-virus program and this is available for both Mac and PC.  

What about a tablet or iPad?

Clemson has recommended a tablet this year!  We are excited to be offering the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 tablet (available online only).  The new iPad Pro 12.9 and 9.7 is a great companion to your Macbook but not quite ready to be a stand-alone computer yet.  Clemson University does not have in-house service for the iPads at this time.


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