Top Reasons to Shop the Clemson Computer Store

Take your computer home today
The Clemson Computer Store has the Clemson approved configurations in stock and ready to go home with you. Whether it's a Dell, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro or an iMac, we have what you need.

A wide array of discounts for the savvy college student
Most hardware products at the Clemson Computer Store are educationally priced, helping you stretch those sometimes low student funds even further. Come take advantage of these savings on hardware and software. In some cases, educationally priced software can save you up to half the cost of retail.  

Plan before you buy
Visit our store to test-drive the full range of Apple hardware and software before you buy! Torn between screen sizes? Just want to kick the tires while running your favorite programs? Our sales staff is at your full disposal to answer any questions, and help you pick out the computer that best suits your needs.

We are where you are:
Based in the heart of Tigertown, our store serves the Clemson community. Our location in the University Union building ensures convenient access to customers and our new location at 108 Hendrix ensures that no matter what side of campus you are on we are near by.

An environmentally responsible retailer
The Clemson Computer Store will properly dispose of any old iPod, Mac, battery, or any other 'techno-trash' peripheral. Drop by our store with your item and our team will make sure that your defunct hardware will be handled in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner.  

Become a trendsetter with the best Apple and PC accessories
Our student staff is constantly looking for the newest iPod cases, laptop bags, sleeves, headphones and other third party products to keep you and your computer trendy. Is there something you think we should carry? Talk to one of our sales associates and you might be responsible for the next breakthrough product.