Accidental Damage Coverage

The following items are not covered by normal product warranty, but are covered by the Accidental Damage Coverage:

  • LCDs: Physical damage including cracks, white spots and pressure points affecting pixel performance
  • Keyboards: Obvious spills, sticky keys, multiple loose or missing keys
  • System Boards: Spill damage or corrosion, broken and bent connectors
  • Hard Disks: Shock damage, sometimes identifiable from error codes (DFT 0x73)
  • DVD/CD/CDRW: Damage from accidental spills, missing or broken face plates
  • Covers/Bezel: Physical damage including cracks, broken pieces, missing latches

The following are not covered by accidental damage coverage:

  • Parts intended to be replaced or consumed (Battery) or cosmetic damage
  • For Dell laptops, the AC/power supply is usually not covered
  • Damage from intentional misuse, unsuitable environment, or alteration
  • Theft, loss or damage from fire, flood or force majeure