Accidental Damage Coverage

Apple Corporation does not cover accidental coverage.  Apple users must purchase additional coverage for accidental damage, i.e. Safeware Insurance.  In fact if an Apple shows any physical damage, it voids the Apple warranty.

The following items are not covered by normal product warranty, but are covered by the Accidental Damage Coverage:

  • LCDs: Physical damage including cracks, white spots, and pressure points affecting pixel performance  (Note:  Vendors specify a certain number of pixels must be missing before an LCD can be replaced.)
  • Keyboards: Obvious spills, sticky keys, multiple loose or missing keys
  • System Boards: Spill damage or corrosion, broken and bent connectors
  • Hard Disks: Shock damage, sometimes identifiable from error codes (DFT 0x73)
  • DVD/CD/CDRW: Damage from accidental spills, missing or broken face plates
  • Covers/Bezel: Physical damage including cracks, broken pieces, missing latches as it affects usage

The following are not covered by accidental damage coverage:

  • Parts intended to be replaced or consumed (Battery) or cosmetic damage
  • For Dell laptops, the AC/power supply is not covered (Only mechanical failure is covered.)
  • Damage from intentional misuse, unsuitable environment, or alteration
  • Theft, loss or damage from fire, flood or force majeure
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