Laptop Care

Tips for avoiding damage to your laptop:

  • Shut down, hibernate or put the computer in standby before moving it. Not doing so may result in hard drive failure and loss of data.
  • Transport laptops in individual, well cushioned bags. Do not put books on top of the computer.
  • Do not pick up a laptop by the display (LCD). This can cause hinges to weaken and in some cases, the display to crack. Subtle damage to the pixels may also occur. Again, weight, such as books, may cause compression if being transported, also vibration. Damage to the LCD may result.
  • Do not leave the computer in a parked car during hot summer or cold winter conditions. Extreme temperartures (below 41 degrees or above 95 degrees Fahrenehit) may result in damages to the laptop case and internal components.
  • Prevent liquids from contacting the laptop. Liquid may cause damage to internal components, the keyboard, and may possibly cause electrical shock.
  • Do not pick up the laptop by the palm rest or a corner. Doing so may cause the system board to flex and/or break.