Distributed Support Services (DSS)

CCIT Distributed Support Services (DSS) is responsible for student, faculty, and administration desktop support, user administration of enterprise systems, and technical support and training. We are a part of a broader network of consultants across campus and we work closely with other CCIT areas as a part of CRLT (Customer Relations and Learning Technologies) and specifically, Customer Services and Personal Computing (CSPC).

DSS responsibilities and groups are subject to change as CCIT continues their restructuring to better serve campus IT needs.

Our focus is on supporting students, faculty and staff computer users at Clemson University. Distributed Support Services incorporates College and Administrative Consultants and directs the Technical Support Program (TSP). We are committed to meeting the computing needs of Clemson University.

Deb Charles (DEBM@clemson.edu) currently oversees Distributed Support Services and Deveraux Williams (DEVERAU@clemson.edu) is the TSP Consultant Liaison.

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