Software Roadmap & Hardware Baseline

This CCIT Software Roadmap & Hardware Baseline document is a planning tool for faculty, staff and students of Clemson University. It will map the immediate future direction of software versions and hardware platforms, as well as the services and systems that underpin it. It will allow related services to key into each other’s service planning and mutually influence their development. This Roadmap will indicate the current levels of support for software and hardware and set a timetable for discontinued support as well as future support.

Tri-Fold Roadmap (Brochure Style) for 2014-2015 (PDF)

The Tri-Fold Roadmap can be printed with a duplex capable printer on one piece of paper, both sides. Then it can be folded to resemble a brochure. If no duplex capable printer is available, the first page can be printed, the paper can be placed back into the printer upside down and the second page can be printed. The exact method for duplex printing varies by printer, but should be listed as 'Print on Both Sides' or something similar from the printer properties screen. If you need more specific details, you can contact the CCIT Support Center at 864-656-3494 or send an email to

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