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HOW TO: Sharing Outlook Distribution Lists by Email
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If you have created a personal distribution list, you can share the list with colleagues by sending it to them in an email message. Sendinga Distribution List: Create a new mail message as normal, using the New Mail button on the toolbar. Address the message to everyone with whom you wish to share the distribution list. Click in the message body. Choose Insert, Item. Choose the Contacts folder from the top half of the window, as this is where distribution lists are stored. Click on OK when the distribution list has been selected. The distribution list will be added to the message as an attachment. Send the message as normal. Receiving a Distribution List: If you are sent a distribution list, you can add it to your own contact list as follows: Open the message containing the contact information. Ensure the message is not Maximized so that the navigation pane is visible in the background. Click on the distribution list attachment. Drag the attachment over the Contacts icon on the navigation pane.