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Connect to Clemson Guest Wireless Network
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Clemson Guest Wireless Solution Clemson now has a guest wireless solution broadcasted as clemsonguest for all campus guests to have Internet access while visiting. The guest solution is a provisioned based solution meaning that a USERID and Password have to be generated in order to gain access. The primary method is for a designated provisioner to provision the ID ahead of time and distribute to the guest prior to or upon arrival. If that is not a feasible solution, then the guest can go to the selfprovisioning page linked off the Clemsonguest portal page and provision a USERID. They must provide either a valid email address or cell phone for SMS text messaging in order to receive their password. Provisioning Page All faculty and staff can provision an account for their guest by going to the provisioning page at http://www.clemson.edu/guest and provision accounts for guests in their area. Hereand39s a walkthrough on using the provisioning page:The Guest Manager Page for provisioners is shown below. This page is the portal page for provisioners to provision guest accounts for their area. You will need to enter your Clemson USERID and password in order to begin provisioning accounts. Creating Users Once logged into the portal, you can now provision guest accounts by clicking on the Create Guest User on the navigation bar to the left as shown below: Here are the steps to create the account: You should not have to change the Group Membership and most likely there will not be another option. Enter the guest userand39s information to include their email address for sending the password. You can optionally also send the information to the userand39s cell phone if desired. Enter their cell phone number and choose the corresponding cell phone carrier. Place any comments you would like your guest to read in the comments field. Enter the activation date and time for the guest account usually the arrival date of the guest. Enter the account duration up to a maximum of 10 days. You must check an Access Type should be just 1 available. Select the type of notification and whether you would like just the password sent to the mobile phone if sending a text message. Click Submit to create the account. Bulk Loading of User Accounts There is also a feature to load a comma delimited file csv in order to do bulk provisioning. Click on Load Guest Users on the navigation bar to start the bulk upload as shown below: Here are the steps for creating bulk users: In order to load a bulk users file, you will need a file that has the following format: Username,FirstName,LastName,Email,Password Alternatively, you can leave the password column blank and Guest Manager will email the password to each of the users using the email provided. Be aware that the username must be unique so using first names is not suggested. One option could be to strip the company.com from the email address and create a field to use as your username. Select whether to delete on expire. Note, it is recommended to set this option as users accounts will become stale accounts if left in an expired state. Provide any comments needed for your users. Set the activation date date you expect your users to arrive. Set the maximum duration for the account up to 10 days. You must check an Access Type should be just 1 available. Select whether to email to guest users required if generating a password. Select whether to send to an alternate email only if password was included in csv file. Select to send emails in a background process HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if doing a large number of users as this could affect the performance of the system. Click on submit to do the bulk load. Managing Users You can manage the users that you have created by clicking on the Manage Guest Users as shown below: On this page, you can see information on each of your users as well as delete accounts that are no longer valid. Be aware, if you selected your accounts to delete on expire they will automatically delete 7 days after expiration. ClemsonGuest Portal When users connect to clemsonguest, they will be presented with the following portal page after bringing up an Internet browser: Users that do not have a User Name can click on the link to create an ID on the selfprovisioning page shown below: