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Set Up Native File Access/Samba
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The Novell native file access pack overcomes the need to install special client software on Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX systems for access to storage on NetWare 6.5 and new Linux Open Enterprise Servers. This serverbased solution allows a broad range of clients to access Novell storage right out of the box. With native file access protocols, users can securely access data stored on the Netware and Open Enterprise Linux server regardless of the operating system they are using. Windows XP and Vista Windows 2000/XP/Vista workstations will use the client for Microsoft networks, a network client component that is installed by default. No additional configuration is required. Click start and select run. Enter two back slashes followed by the host address of the server/volume you wish to connect to followed by the mount point of that server/volume a list of servers with accessible native file access mount points can be found here. You will be prompted with a login box. Provide your username and lowercase Novell password. You do not need to specify a context, but your password IS case sensitive with this client. Use all lower case characters. MacOS MacOS systems can also connect via a Samba CIFS connection natively. From the finder select Go and then Connect To Server, or just hit the AppleK key combo. Enter the server using the format smb://servername.clemson.edu/mountpoint. Examples are shown below. Click Connect. Specify your username and lowercase password. Click Connect. LINUX Linux systems will mount using a Samba/CIFS mount. First, create a mount point in the desired location using the mkdir command, example: mkdir /mnt/software. Next issue the proper mount command. The format looks like this: mount t cifs o usernameuserID //server.clemson.edu/mountpoint /server/localmountpoint There are several ways to accomplish this based on your linux distribution of choice but this method has been verified on SuSE9 or newer, RH4 and newer and Ubuntu 7 and newer distributions. Troubleshooting Case sensitivity. Normal Novell NetWare logins are not case sensitive. The protocols used by Native File Access are. Be sure your passwords are in all lower case. The eDirectory user account is not expired. Users whose accounts have expired can still log into eDirectory utilizing grace logins. In native file access/samba an account that is set to expire on todayand39s date will not be able to authenticate. There is no notification for this state. Servers with native file access enabled: Legacy NetWare Group SystemsServermountpoint CAFLSD.CLEMSON.EDUCAFLSDCLE1.CLEMSON.EDUCLE1CLE2.CLEMSON.EDUCLE2CLE3.CLEMSON.EDUCLE3CLE4.CLEMSON.EDUCLE4TSP.CLEMSON.EDUTSP Employee Data ServersYou can identify your home directory server by visiting our selfservice tool:http://ccitutil.clemson.edu/homedir/ eh01.clemson.edueh01eh02.clemson.edueh02eh03.clemson.edueh03eh04.clemson.edueh04eh05.clemson.edueh05eh06.clemson.edueh06 Student Data ServersContact a support professional to identify your home volume. studenta.clemson.eduusr01studenta.clemson.eduusr02studentb.clemson.eduusr03studentb.clemson.eduusr04studentc.clemson.eduusr05studentc.clemson.eduusr06studentd.clemson.eduusr07studentd.clemson.eduusr08studente.clemson.eduusr09studente.clemson.eduusr10studentf.clemson.eduusr11studentf.clemson.eduusr12studentg.clemson.eduusr13studentg.clemson.eduusr14studenth.clemson.eduusr15studenth.clemson.eduusr16 New Open Enterprise Group Cluster SystemsLegacy file server new cluster resourcemountpoint ASB gs02.clemson.edugs02CAFLSD gs06.clemson.edugs06CBBS gs07.clemson.edugs07CLE1 gs16.clemson.edugs16CLE2 gs16.clemson.edugs16CLE3 gs16.clemson.edugs16CLE4 gs16.clemson.edugs16CLE5 gs02.clemson.edugs02CRPARK gs03.clemson.edugs03EAST gs07.clemson.edugs07HOUSING5 gs04.clemson.edugs04GISCLASS gs11.clemson.edugs11NORTH gs01.clemson.edugs01PHOENIX gs01.clemson.edugs01PPLSOFT gs04.clemson.edugs04PRPARK gs02.clemson.edugs02SHARE Software software.clemson.edusoftwareSHARE web share.clemson.edushareSIKES4 gs02.clemson.edugs02SOUTH gs06.clemson.edugs06WEST gs03.clemson.edugs03 New Open Enterprise Group Cluster Systems for the College of Engineering and ScienceDepartment/Group new cluster resourcemountpoint BioEngineering gs08.clemson.edugs08ARS gs09.clemson.edugs09Awards gs09.clemson.edugs09ENGR gs09.clemson.edugs09MTS gs09.clemson.edugs09HR REPORTS gs09.clemson.edugs09CNS gs09.clemson.edugs09Geology gs09.clemson.edugs09Math gs09.clemson.edugs09CNS gs09.clemson.edugs09Chemistry gs10.clemson.edugs10CHE gs10.clemson.edugs10ChBE gs10.clemson.edugs10IE gs10.clemson.edugs10Physics gs10.clemson.edugs10CS gs10.clemson.edugs10CE gs11.clemson.edugs11Civil gs11.clemson.edugs11ME gs14.clemson.edugs14ECE gs15.clemson.edugs15