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FTP to Your Storage Space using Fetch for Macintosh
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Downloading and Installing the Software You can download Fetch from http://download.clemson.edu. On the lefthand menu, select MacOS to start. Then select FTP Clients and then click the link labeled Download Fetch. When you download the program, it should extract the Fetch installer and place it on the desktop. Doubleclick this program to begin the installation process. Connecting via FTP When you start Fetch, the New Connection window should appear. If it does not, then go to File and select New Connection. To FTP to your user space, fill in the following settings:Host: ftp.netware.clemson.eduUser ID: Fill in the userid with your full Novell context. This will be in the form student account .userid.firstletter.students.clemsonu employee account .userid.firstletter.employee.clemsonu miscellaneous organizational account .userid.firstletter.misc.clemsonu Password: your network passwordDirectory: this should be blank Click OK to connect. To save the settings for later use, go to File and select Save Bookmark. Select where you would like to save the settings and the filename to give it. To connect using your saved settings later, go to File, then Open Bookmarks, and then select the bookmark you just saved. After connecting, a list of the files and folders in your user space will appear in the large area in the left of the window, like the one to the right. Above the list of files and folders is the current folder being viewed. You can click here to go back to previous folders in the directory tree. To put files in your user space, click the Put File... button. You can then select the file to upload to your user space. Uploaded files will be placed in the directory on your space you are currently viewing. To get files from your user space, highlight the files you want to download, and then click the Get... button. Select where to save the files to when they are downloaded, and then click Save.