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How to create a Hard Drive diagnostic CD
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If you suspect your hard drive is failing or if your computer is behaving erratically and you are away from Clemson here are the instructions to create a hard drive diagnostic CD you need a CD burner on a working laptop in order to do this. This requires an IBM Thinkpad laptop. Creating the Diagnostics CD Download the IBMHDDiagnostics.gi file and save it to your desktop. The rest of the instructions in this section are for use with IBM Record Now v7.0. The file to upgrade to version 7.0 is located here. Alternatively, if you are using a different CD creation software, you may create the CD using an iso file found here: IBMHDD.iso. Open IBM Record Now. Click the tab which looks like two CDand39s, one smaller than the other. This should be the right most tab. When you put your mouse button over this tab, a pop up should state: Click this tab to view Backup Projects. Click Burn Image. Click Browse and browse to where you downloaded the IBMHDDiagnositics file. Select the file and click Add. Insert a blank CD into your CD/RW drive and close the drive. Click Burn. If there are no errors, the CD should eject once Record Now has created the boot cd properly. Click Done and exit Record Now. You may delete the IBMHDDiagnostics file you downloaded earlier if you wish. To run the Hard Drive Diagnostics tool, insert the CD into your CDROM drive and follow the instructions on how to run the diagnostics CD. How to run the Diagnostics CD Restart your computer with the Hard Drive Diagnostics CD in your CD drive. At the IBM Thinkpad screen, press F12 to get to the Boot Menu. Choose CDROM Drive and press Enter. At the License Agreement screen press A to agree to the license. At the Device List screen, make sure there is an ATA Primary Master drive listed and press Y. Next, press A to choose the Advanced Test. Finally, press S to start the test. The test may take up to 45 minutes to complete, depending on the size of your hard drive. If, however, at any point in the process the test freezes up for more than 5 minutes, you most likely have a corrupted hard drive. After the test completes, it will give you a pass code of 0x00 if there is no error on the hard drive. If you get a message about corrupt sectors or any other code than 0x00, this means that your hard drive is failing and you need to back up any data you have on it and then contact Clemson Universityand39s Laptop Support Center or IBM to get your hard drive replaced if it is still under warranty. Clemsonand39s Laptop Support can help you back up any data you need, if you provide us with a list of what you need savedif you do not know what you need saved, you need to figure it out before contacting us. An I donand39t know or Everything is not an acceptable answer. In addition, we can not help you save music or movie files unless you can provide us proof that you legally own those files. The most commonly chosen files are those in the default My Documents and Eudora.