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What is the F: Drive in Netware Mappings?
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SUMMARY: What is the F: Drive in Netware Mappings SOLUTION: The F: Mapping is old leftover from the old days of Novell. Basically it was used to run the login application and/or get resources for login when you initially login in Netware before the home directory was mapped. CLEMSONUand39s login script reroutes it back to the home directory after its used. We recommend you not reference it as your home directory because it may change in the future. Use U: mapping instead. Also, F: and U: are different in that the root of F: is top of the volume, whereas U: is mapped down into the home directory. In the good old days of DOS, that was a significant difference, since there were many applications that could work with C:, and U:, but not F:.