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Apple Representative Support for Students
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SOLUTION: Apple Representative Support for Students SUMMARY: Here is the information regarding the Apple Student Reps. Their names are Lindsay Harrislchclemson.edu and Justin Green jegclemson.edu. They currently have dropin hours from 104 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Hendrix Student center. They have a table setup in the Atrium of Hendrix across from the Food Court. These hours are current for the Summer Session II and will change when for Fall Semester. These two are graduate students here at Clemson, and they are employed by Apple as student representatives. They should be able to handle most questions that a student might ask them. They have agreed to join our TSP program so they are aware and knowledgeable about our support structure and procedures. We requested that they join the TSP program in hopes of preventing misinformation being distributed to students that would go to the Student Apple Reps for assistance. You can give out the dropin information and the email addresses to students who need it. They should be able to accommodate most questions or problems.