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Steps for using the Mainframe to add Owners or Members
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SYMPTOMS: User is requesting instructions on how to access the mainframe and add Owners TAand39s or Members to his/her course. RESOLUTION: 1 Download the Hummingbird Host Explorer from http://ccit.clemson.edu/resources/software/windows.php 2 Once installed, click Start Programs Hummingbird Connectivity 10 Host Explorer 3270 3 The hostname to use is mvsvtam.clemson.edu and the port is 23 click connect If you are not familiar with the Mainframe and how to use it, here are some quick steps to get you to the place where you can add OWNERS TAs or MEMBERS: 1 After connecting to the Mainframe, enter your username and password to login. During the next few steps, you will need to use TAB to navigate throughout the Mainframe. 2 TAB down to IDMSDC Administrative System and place a S beside it, then hit ENTER. 3 Your cursor is now in the top left hand corner and you should see MENU in red. You can type over the word MENU with SDB you might need to hit a space to clear the U in MENU. Press ENTER. 4 At the next screen your cursor is once again in the top left hand corner. Type CRSM and press ENTER 5 Here you will enter Abbrv. L/H Number Section Term you can leave L/H blank. After you have entered the information, TAB down to and39Section detail information for the section aboveand39 and place a X beside it. Press ENTER. 6 On this screen your cursor will be inside the and39Section Optionsand39 area. TAB over to and39eMAIL/cle managementand39, place an X beside it and press ENTER. 7 From here you should be able to add OWNERS TAs or MEMBERS.