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HOW TO : Network Registration for Playstation 3
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The Play Station 3 is not able to use the EduRoam wireless network, because they do not support the WPA2Enterprise security used at Clemson University. You will need to use a wired connection for this console. To do so, you will need to register your PS3 with Netreg first. To do this, Go to: http://netreg.clemson.edu/. Select Add Registration. Here you will be asked for the hardware also called MAC address of your device. This can be found by going to Settings then System Settings then System Information on your PS3. Enter the hardware address and description of device, the preferred description would be usernameplaystation3, where username is your Clemson username. Click Accept at the bottom of the page. Confirm that device was added successfully by going to My Registrations and make sure it appears in the list there. Your PS3 should nowbe able to access the Internet on a wired campus connection.