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Accessing the U drive off campus
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You can access your personal U: drive over the Internet through Clemsons MyCLE/Blackboard portal. On the MyCLEmson tab look in the CU Applications and Web Sites section and select NetStorage, and then login. HomeU DriveCLEMSONU will be available as well as the list of resource available to you. From there you can upload files and create directories folders. Another alternative is to use a utility called WebDrive aka WebDAV. Go to download.clemson.edu and select the Windows utilities link. Click on WebDAV Applications and download the WebDrive 6.11 and MyCLEDrive files. After you run these two files on your computer you will see a WebDrive icon in your system tray at the bottom of the screen. Click that icon, select your U: drive from the list and click connect. Your U: drive will then appear as a drive under My Computer. There is also a DCIT solution guide available for WebDrive setup at: http://www.clemson.edu/client/solutions/sguides/WebDrive/index.php