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Add A New Status To a Saved Search
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To Edit Saved Searches in TigerTracks: 1. Login to TigerTracks and hover your mouse over the andlsquoAdvancedandrsquo link just under the andlsquoSearchandrsquo button at the top of the screen. Click andlsquoMy Searchesandrsquo in the pop up menu. 2. In the andlsquoSaved Searchesandrsquo area, just under the andlsquoPersonal Searchesandrsquo label, select the andlsquoEditandrsquo radio button. Click the drop down and select the search you would like to modify. Click the andlsquoGoandrsquo button. 3. In the andlsquoStatusandrsquo multiselect box, scroll down to the status you would like to include in your search. Hold the andlsquoCtrlandrsquo button on your keyboard and click the status you want to add with your mouse pointer. This should leave all currently highlighted items as well as highlight the new status. 4. Click the andlsquoSave/Runandrsquo tab just under the menu bar at the top of the screen. 5. Click the andlsquoGoandrsquo button to save and execute your search.