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Unable to send or receive ZIP files in email
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SYMPTOMS: ZIP and some other attachments are removed from messages. Instead, the following alert shows up in the email message: WARNING: This email has been altered by MIMEDefang. Following this paragraph are indications of the actual changes made. For more information about your siteand39s MIMEDefang policy, contact MIMEDefang Administrator . For more information about MIMEDefang, see: http://www.roaringpenguin.com/mimedefang/enduser.php3 An attachment named myfile.zip was removed from this document as it constituted a security hazard. If you require this document, please contact the sender and arrange an alternate means of receiving it. RESOLUTION: No one is allowed to send files with the ZIP extension through our mail server. This is to help control the spread of viruses. You can rename the extension and tell the recipicient to change it back after he/she receives it. For example, if your file is named myfile.zip, you can rename it myfile.zee then attach it to your message. In the message, tell the recipient to rename the file back to myfile.zip and uncompress as normal.