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HOW TO: Disabling the "Secure and Nonsecure" security pop-up message
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SYMPTOMS: The default security settings in Internet Explorer result in users repeatedly seeing a message asking if they want to display both secure and nonsecure information in Blackboard. This message doesnand39t indicate a problem, but it can be quite annoying. RESOLUTION: This is not a security issue while in Blackboard, so users should simply click Yes to continue. Clicking No will generate an Action Cancelled message which can lead users to believe that there is a system errror. To disable this security message in Internet Explorer click on Tools and Internet Options. Select the Security tab and click the Custom Level button. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section and look for item that says Display Mixed Content. Click the Enable dot and then click OK/Yes/OK to confirm the setting change. The security message should stop popping up. Help Desk action required: None ETS action required: None