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Trouble getting PeopleSoft Query to Download to Excel
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If you are having trouble getting your PeopleSoft Query to download to Excel, there are 6 possible resolutions below. One of them should correct the issue. 1 If you are not an admin user, have your admin sign in and then click the download to excel link within PeopleSoft. It should then work for other users. 2 ActiveX is not enabled on your browser. Follow the steps below: Open an Internet Explorer browser. Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security. Make sure Internet is selected and click the Custom Level button. Scroll down until you get to the Downloads section: Make sure Automatic Prompting for file Downloads is Enabled see below. Click OK, then OK. Note: If you have PeopleSoft set as a Trusted Site, you will have to do the same for that zone also. 3 Make sure you do not have any toolbars installed on your browser Yahoo, Google, etc.... They will block the window from coming up. 4 Hold down the key while clicking on the download to Excel link. 5 Do a right click on the Start button bottom left corner. Select Explore. Select Tools then folder options. Select File Types, Search for and highlight XLS extensions. Select Advanced. Ensure all check boxes are unchecked. Click OK. Do the same for DOC and PDF extensions. 6 Go to your download file, the downloaded .xls should be the last file downloaded. If you are still unable to download queries to Excel while using Internet Explore please send an email to ithelpclemson.edu