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Apple License and Software Maintenance
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SYMPTOMS: What are the terms for licensing for Apple How do I order the Apple software What is EVLA What are advantages for using the EVLA What is AMP RESOLUTION: Apple Volume Licensing At A Glance The Apple Education Volume License Agreement EVLA provides an easy and economical way to purchase Mac OS X and other Apple Software titles. With the EVLA, you license the right to use the current version of Apple software on a specified number of computers at your school you determine how many. Discounts are based on the number of licenses you are purchasing, and volume pricing starts at only 10. Software and documentation is not included in license fee and must be purchased separately. For QuickTime Pro, purchase software and initial License via electronic download. Taken from the Apple Store on Apple Volume Licensing 2/10/03 Apple Maintenance Program At A Glance The Apple Maintenance Program AMP is a convenient and costeffective way to provide your school with the most current versions of the Mac OS X operating system over a threeyear period. Customers must purchase a minimum of 10 seats to participate in the program, and the more users you license, the greater your savings. Maintenance Agreements are available in 1099 seats, 100999 seats, and 1000 seats. Taken from the Apple Store on Apple Maintenance 2/10/03/em How do I order this Go to http://store.apple.com/Catalog/US/Images/routingpage.html Select South Carolina and type in Clemson as your college. Look on the left hand side and there should be two links for Volume Licensing and another Software Maintenance. Click on either one for the pricing and products you want.