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How To: In Microsoft Exchange, how do I send and reply to messages?
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SYMPTOMS: How to send and reply to messages in Microsoft Exchange RESOLUTION: Composing a new message From the Compose menu, select New Message. A New Message form will open. In the To... field, type the name of the person you are addressing. You can also click the To... button and select names from the Address Book. In the Subject: field, type your message subject. In the message body, type your message. Many formatting features are available for the message body, including bold, italics, font, paragraph, text color, bullets, and insertion features. Click the Send button. Opening and replying to a message Messages that are sent to you are listed in your Inbox. When a new message arrives in your Inbox, the header appears in bold. This indicates that you havenand39t read it. To open and reply to a message, follow the steps below: If your Inbox is not already open, click Inbox to display its contents. To open a message, doubleclick it. To respond to the message, click the Reply button. This opens a New Message form that includes the original message text. Note: If you receive a message that has been sent to more than one person, you can reply to all of the recipients whose names appear in the To... and Cc... fields by clicking the Reply To All button. However, do not do this unless you are sure that you want your message going to every person listed in these fields. You can also forward a message to another user by clicking the Forward button. Type your response, and then click Send. Deleting a message You can delete a message, file, or other item that you are reading, or you can select and delete one or more closed items in the folder contents list. To delete a message, file, or another item, follow the steps below: Select or open the item you want to delete. From the File menu, select Delete. Deleted items are moved to the Deleted Items folder. You can retrieve a deleted item by moving it from the Deleted Items folder to another folder. However, by default, the Deleted Items folder is emptied when you quit the Microsoft Exchange client.