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Client Configuration - Exchange server for Outlook 2011 for Mac
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Outlook 2011 for MacOS 10.6 Clean Install Step 1: Launch Outlook from you dock or the Applications folder on your Dock. Step 2: Select andldquoAdd Accountandrdquo from the Welcome screen, also select the check box andldquoMake Outlook the Default application for email, calendar, and contactsandrdquo if desired. Recommended If you have previously opened outlook and the Welcome to Outlook for Mac dialog screen does not appear, you can force it to open by selecting: Help Welcome to Outlook Step 3: Select the andldquoExchange Accountandrdquo button from the Account Selection window. This dialog can be opened at any time From the Outlookandrsquos Menu bar by selecting: ToolsAccounts Step 4: Input your Account info in the fields as shown. Email address: Your Clemson email address Method: User Name and Password User name: campusUserIDNote the domain prefix in your userID is optional, but is suggested to help eliminate potential authentication issues in this process. Password: Your CU network password Click the andldquoAdd Accountandrdquo Button. Step 5: Outlook will automatically find Exchangeandrsquos Autodiscover settings server. You will want to select the check box for andldquoAlways use my response for this serverandrdquo to prevent further popup boxes. Then click the andldquoAllowandrdquo Button. Step 6: Youandrsquore finished Notes: Populating your email for the first time will take several minutes, depending on the speed of your Mac, the speed of your network connection, and the amount of mail you keep in your account. Basic Troubleshooting Account cannot be added error. This error can be caused by a few things: Most common problem is a typo in your Email, Userid, or Password. You forgot to prefix your userid with andldquocampusandrdquo. Your exchange forwarding is not enabled, this can be corrected at: http://www.clemson.edu/emailforwarding/