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How do I - Exchange - Export Mailbox data to a PST file with Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013
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Export your Exchange/Outlook Email to a .PST file. This article involves exporting copying the contents of a message folder or entire mailbox to a Personal Folders file .pst using the Import and Export Wizard. This creates the backup .pst file. You can then copy the .pst file onto a CD or DVD for safekeeping or to move the data to another computer. There are a several reasons to export email from Outlook/Clemson Exchange, typically this is done to reduce the size of your online mailbox, or if the user is leaving the Clemson, and wants to take their mail with them. Below is a stepbystep on how this process is done. Outlook 2007 left On the File menu, click Import and Export.Outlook 2010 right Click the Filetab, click Open, click Import. Outlook 2013 not shown Click the Filetab, click Open and Export, click Import/Export. Click Export to a file, and then click Next. In the list, click Personal Folder File .pst, and then click Next. Click the folder that contains the messages you want to back up. If the folder contains a subfolder that you want to include, select the Include Subfolders check box, and then click Next. Under Save exported file as, click Browse, and then specify a name and location for your backup file, for example, Mail Backup.If you back up a .pst file that you have backed up to before, click one of the following: Replace duplicates with items exported Existing data will be overwritten with the information in the file being exported. Allow duplicate items to be created Existing data will not be overwritten, and duplicate information will be added to the backup file. Do not export duplicate items Existing data will be kept, and the duplicate information in the folder will not be copied to the backup file. Click Finish. Appendix Be sure to save your .PST file to a location you can find, the default location is a hidden folder within your user profile. It would be recommended to save it to your andldquoMy Documentsandrdquo or andldquoDesktopandrdquo for easy access.